Vegan Stack


Blitz your workouts with Zing, recover with Vie Vegan Protein and boost cell renewal with Glutamine, all part of our Vegan Stack!

2kg Vie Vegan Protein

Zing PreWorkout

Glutamine Powder

Vie Vegan Protein (2kg)

£54.99 £46.74
Vie is a plant based protein that will help propel you to your athletic goals. Whether you are lactose intolerant or you are making a choice to be animal produce free, Vie is the premium choice in protein. 22.5g Protein per 30g  serving All Essential Amino Acids Full Vitamin & Mineral Profile

Zing Pre-Workout

£29.99 £25.49
Fuelling Your Success...Get your physical project motoring with our Zing Pre-Workout formula. Zing gets your system into gear so you're firing on all cylinders. 30 servings

Glutamine 500g

£19.99 £16.99
Glutamine is an essential Amino Acid that helps your body with cell renewal, immunity and energy creation. Add 2-6g to your daily diet to boost your amino acid intake.